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Necto is an anonymous social media mobile application combined with gaming elements for only college students. You will be earning real-life store discounts, matching with strangers, and accomplishing missions posted by other users or potential recruiters.


Our Features

Necto includes anonymous posting, daily matching, gaming, mission, poll, possible geo-location store discounts and project collaboration for college students.


It is implemented for users to create a survey and a way to earn a massive in-game economy through predicting the outcome.


Users would post requests or opportunities as missions for other college students to complete chores, find tutoring, pair for housing/rideshare, and connect for career potential.


Each station is a space for a specific interest, different stations include: relationship, astrology, celebrity, movies/shows, anime, news, netflix & chill and many more.

Beta Testing

To sign up for beta testing, please enter your name and email below, sending a message is optional, but feel free to if you have any questions or concerns! Follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our Youtube channel as we will be uploading new content! We look forward to hearing from you soon!